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David M. Stearns

The intent of this site is to give parents and players a little bit of insight into how to approach the process of selecting a college or university where your player can bring value academically, as well as contributing as a member of the soccer team.  To start, I want the player to understand three key points:


  1. First and foremost you are going to college in order to prepare yourself for what it is that you want to do for the rest of your life.  Soccer can play an important role in that and in fact, may serve to get you into a college that you may otherwise not have been able to get into.  So ACADEMICS in high school is critical!  Focus on it!

  2. This process is truly a team effort.  The team must consist of players, parents, a guidance counselor and select other people that the player respects.

  3. I am not telling you how to do your search.  Everyone is different and needs to incorporate their personal situation into the search.  I can only recommend a process that I've used and seen work.  You and your selection team need to do the research and adapt the process to your specific situation.  

I started by helping one of my players years ago try to find a college where she could play and still pursue the career that she wanted.  Since then I have gone through the process with two of my own kids - both very different by the way.  One was seeking college coaches and the other was heavily recruited by college coaches.  I have also helped a number of other players by simply answering questions, sharing personal experience or offering my opinion on just about every part of this process.  I hope that some bit of information in this site will help you on your journey.  But remember, it's your journey and you have to do the work and make the decisions.  Good luck!  DMS


Northeast United Coaching Staff

NEU Board - Director of Communications

Director NEU College Recruiting Program

Train With 2006 and 2007 Girls Teams

Goal Keeper Program Coordinator


USC/NSCAA National Diploma


USC/NSCAA Junior Level VI


NSCAA Goal Keeping Diploma


USSF License


National Center for Sports Safety Diploma 

Graduate of the University of Connecticut

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