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Making A Visit
It's Fun Time - See a Campus or Two!


This really is the fun part.  Go with your family or invite some other members of your selection team.  Bring people that your trust and respect.


Break it into two sets of visits - general visits to many different types of schools just to get a feel. This can start as early as your sophomore year.  


The second set of visits is more focused and occurs once you have a narrowed list of colleges based on your profiles.


More information is in the Interviewing a Coach Document or keep reading below...

A Visit Strategy!


You need to develop your own visit strategy, so you must spend some time thinking about it and what is best for you and your family.  It will make a difference.  Here an example that I used:


  1. At first, visit a few different types by size, metro, rural, geography, etc.  Get a general feel for where you feel comfortable.

  2. Once you have your short list do three more visits to each college on the list - first do a tour and focus on the school and academics. 

  3. Second - see a soccer game on campus.  See how they play and what the atmosphere is like.  It's where you'll be playing for 4 years.

  4.  Third - ask the coach if you can do a sleep over.  They will set it up for you to spend the night and a day in classes with some players on the team.  It'll give you a great chance to see how you fit in with your future team.

Interviewing the Coach!


Remember that you are interviewing the coach as much as he/she is interviewing you.  You have lots of questions and the coach will appreciate your preparation and how much you care about his team and program.


It is an important conversation.  A few tips:


  1. Be prepared - research the school, research the team (last year's record, how many seniors, who they play, etc.)

  2. See a game prior to the interview, if possible. Get an understanding of how they play.

  3. Think about what you need to know to make your decision.

  4. It's ok to talk about other school visits.

  5. Bring paper and pen to take notes.

  6. Ask the right questions.

Here is an attachment that gives some great insight on the coach interview, as well as what you could ask.            Interviewing the Coach

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