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The Coach - Who's Interviewing Who?

Once you get the opportunity to sit down and speak with a coach, make sure that you are prepared. Remember that you should be interviewing the coach. You are going to make a major commitment to this college so you have a major stake in this relationship. Ensure that you get your questions answered.

Here's a couple things that you need to do in preparation:

1. Research the college - visit their website and read everything about it.

2. Make sure you visit the 'Soccer Team's' page - learn who they play, how they have done the last few years, how many seniors graduating, etc.

3. See the soccer team play if you get the chance. It makes great conversation with the coach and shows your commitment to their team.

4. Talk to anyone you know that went there. I bet you can find someone.

5. Talk to your guidance counselor and see if they can provide any information.

6. Remember the 7 Steps and review your bio, personal profile, college profile and other documents.

Then it's time to prepare your questions. Build a list and bring them along with a notepad to take notes. The coach wants to see that you're prepared. It will make a difference. Consult this document for a few more tips and some sample questions that you can ask: Interviewing the Coach

The coach will definitely be interviewing you. They will have lot's to ask you, so your preparation is important. However, remember that this is your interview as much as theirs. After all, at the end of the day the coach is making a decision about something that will impact them for the next four years, but you're making a decision that will impact you for the rest of your life! Be Prepared!

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