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How Soccer Fits into My Life

It's never too early to start thinking about how soccer fits into your life and your future. We all play, but we also all have different interests and goals in life. You may have an undying desire to play in the English Premier League - that's ok. You may also love to play the game, but even though you're really good you play just because it's fun - that's ok too.

We are all different and the reasons that we play are all different. However, sometimes we just don't know which end of the spectrum we're at. Usually, that's because we just haven't thought about it. So take some time to seriously think it through. How much do you love the game, how many hours a week do you like to play, how good do you think you can be, do you want to commit the time in college to play, do you want to sacrifice time away from your major... All great things to think about. Also, great questions to get some input from your selection team on.

Playing soccer in college is a true commitment. The level of commitment depends on the level that you play at and the program that you join. Just like you, they're all different. The key point is not to wait until the last minute to begin thinking about it. A rushed decision can get you to a rushed answer that may not be the best one for you.

Talk about it with a friend, parent, coach or teammate. The point is start thinking about it now and revisit it every six months. You will change over the next few years, so your desire, commitment and need to play soccer may change as well. It's a BIG decision, make sure you give it BIG consideration...

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